Dalton Laboratory Plan [...]

Helen Parkhurst, who trained under Maria Montessori, developed her own version of Progressive education.

According to Wikipedia, "Parkhurst's specific objectives were as follows:

  • To tailor each student's program to his or her needs, interests and abilities.
  • To promote each student's independence and dependability.
  • To enhance the student's social skills.
  • To increase their sense of responsibility toward others.

She developed a three-part plan that continues to be the structural foundation of a Dalton education:

  • The House, a social community of students.
  • The Assignment, a monthly goal which students contract to complete.
  • The Laboratory, a subject-based classrooms intended to be the center of the educational experience. The laboratory involves students from fourth grade through the end of secondary education.

Students move between subject "laboratories" (classrooms) and explore themes at their own pace.

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